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Eschatology Bliss latest chapter six as mantraDoom, Dead Rising, human civilization disappear overnight. No relief, no hope, the protagonist can in a world full of zombies with your lover reunion? Surviving humans, are able to overcome this seemingly endless disaster and rebuild their homes? Belonging to the human family, friendship, love, all the good things in human nature will be here sublimation; betrayal, greed, selfishness, the ugliness of human nature never separated with OK evolving zombies, Xuerouhengfei fight, everything all in the doomsday BlissIntend? Qiang smiled, and said: I am a newcomer to this stranger, and go step by step chant, to have any plans?I hear you have a wife and kids? Shaw chopped asked, I know you want to ask. Qiang nodded: I came to Beijing, is to act.It really is the antidote? Shaw cut eyes suddenly flashing light from the Qiang surprised a moment of God, the antidote in the league when this thing is no secret that many people on the outside know or not to know the situation of outsiders , only Spike Yangzi Ning those people, from Shaw cut communications before they can know that their forces and the forces behind the same before the Yangzi Ning, that is the legendary survivor government.