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Dragon in the day with synthetic gemstones inlaid Guide RaidersTask, Daguai, a copy will be given a two stones, carry grocery stores also sell an advanced two gems. By synthesizing a gem upgrades can be synthesized two, two co-3, 3 co 4. Successful synthesis of power, how much success rate related to the number and put the gems. Backpack stores sell synthetic characters, Paul at the end character, mosaic character. As the name implies synthetic character is a synthetic gemstone use, security at the end to prevent the synthesis operator is used for failure gems disappear, the gems inlaid mosaic operator is used on the equipment. Fu also points level requires several stages to buy a few levels. Inlaid stones give equipment required before drilling. Backpack store to buy equipment master punch puncher find jewelry and offhand weapon attacks on property inlaid stones, their arms inlaid with what attributes attack on what attacks on property gems, all inlaid full four gems have over 2000 properties attack. Clothes resistance and physical properties armor inlaid gemstones. This depends on personal choice to put the body like blood and more gems, personally think equally precious stones inlaid four properties to resist better, each of which is equipped with stone inlay two six holes. Such resistance to all three attributes of thousands or select a maximum of two user attributes resist remaining six gems inlaid physique. Feel more useful than many thousands of blood, someone hit you no pain.