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Set of formulas for the dragon StationLong time no see. Meow this month's wallpaper color is very bright, much let me in this lethargic weather cheer a little spirit. How what you think of this? Next month they want to see what topics?Then we recently okay? There are also more and more cold. Ha out of all white gas. Royal Park is now the highest temperatures are above zero, I hide my face every day to die. God, how many want to experience a little pig's mood today so I did not go out. Thank you for waiting here wallpaper for you. We have also condition frequent. May be a little slow and confused let you crazy. So too troublesome. But at least we are clumsy but please believe efforts to remedy the recent situation is: the fight is still playing sword sword three three, the fight is still playing WOW WOW. Booth number is 00It is said that next month, From e will be started. Someone finally wake up from the crazy game a little bit. As for the specific completion time. Do not make guarantees. But ahead of that may change made in Japan, a magazine instead. However, we will try, as far as possible. Hard struggle. This story brought to the present. Rather than take business magazine published about why would prefer to spend time running out doujinshi issue. Here is neither explained nor defense. Just that: to the audience on stage to sing, and singing in the KTV to a friend. Is different fun and enjoyment. But aside will require more precise and fixed, while will tolerant to allow multiple attempts are very important people. Which side do not neglect mean we just want to catch my breath, but will not let his laziness and backward, another way to sing one sings about the doujinshi reason. Just like to say one way to do it: As Long time did something, cooking chicken earners in this time we still do. But this time with little trouble, progress slowly. But determines the beginning of things. Ah 对. We will do in the end the group has no fixed team. It is not a formal associations. Names are casually played. Usually are each doing things. Things just do some abuses, but kept out of the situation. Incidentally decline to death. Strange Shuaishen also divergent light.