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The baby over his head Zhongshuai police drunk on the ground 15 days in solitary confinement onlyAn unnamed Forest City People's Congress leader told reporters about his knowledge of the internal communications: night of the incident, Guozeng Xi et al alcoholism, the solicitation of several peers who go to karaoke Relax entertainment, far from seeing Cabaret near the Li Qingfeng couple holding a child, a few people Jiujin bet guess Li Qingfeng baby in her arms is silicone toys or real Guozeng Xi insisted that silicone toys, peers who were teasing, angry Guozeng Xi order to prove himself judgment is correct, then the tragedy happened to the scene reporter then interviewed the baby home near neighbors when they heard another version of the incident: Guozeng Xi reason wrestling girls, because when parking Guozeng Xi et al. Li Qingfeng couple and the baby's parents quarrel, angry Guozeng Xi dispute grabbed the child fell, I was picked up her daughter rushed meters outside of the hospital, I had been scared Mongolia. 28-year-old Lee Anyang City, Henan Province, Qingfeng Lin, the daughter Yue Yue (a pseudonym) had just turned seven months, two months ago, mentioned it, I indignation he felt very strange: I do not know why he threw me daughter, I did not mess with him holding the child ah! Li Qingfeng, said on July 20 evening dinner, Li Qingfeng Liu Wan and his wife take their children out, about 21:00, the two went to Forest City is located in the Western edge of the crown near the International Cabaret I was holding her daughter stand , not knowing whence the three men from walking posture look, they seem to have drunk , three men were wearing civilian clothes, went straight to the edge of the crown Li Qingfeng couple Cabaret. Where a height of about 1 meter 8, Li Qingfeng physique Athletic man walked in front, looking to see Li Qingfeng arms baby girl, and then hand touched the baby's face and arms, I have no more time think, that a more than 50-year-old man was perhaps the rare Zan daughter, and therefore did not stop him, who knows the next thing I was shocked and wife! said Li Qingfeng, the man suddenly one hand from the Huai Li Qingfeng and robbed baby girl, over their heads, and then the baby on the floor and his wife Li Qingfeng has been petrified of time to think, picked up her daughter and ran to one hundred meters outside the hospital, the doctor said the child to die, can not see here, Let quickly transferred. So the couple shedding tears, the car hit the fastest speed his daughter to the Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Anyang (Note: Forest City is a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Anyang, Henan Province), admissions doctor sent directly to the baby to the ICU ward. The doctor said my daughter in mind there is congestion, swollen back of the head with a fist big! Said Li Qingfeng introduced the masses, according to a witness, on the Li Qingfeng couple to send their children medical emergency after hundreds of emotional onlookers surrounded wrestling child's middle-aged man, and several accompanying persons. It is understood that, when the police station the police will soon be removed karaoke live surveillance video. One evening who watched the video, said to reporters, a clear record of monitoring the whole process of throwing the child a few days later, Li Qingfeng Zhenlin from the time the police station rushed to the scene say that the people who threw his daughter is an office in Forest City Public Security Bureau police, named Guo Zengxi Reporters later learned that only seven months of Yue Yue in Anyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital, after a long period of emergency rescue, is now out of danger. But the brain has three children fractures sequelae great possibility Yue Yue has been transferred to the current medical observation period, because can not afford the high medical expenses, Li Qingfeng couple can take home to feed the child observation, Wait three months after referral of the year 2003, Guo was in the road sector founding director of the police station under the highway, about 2008 transferred to the Forest City Public Security Bureau police station hejian as instructors, and then enter the state forest resources management Public Security Brigade responsible for logistics infrastructure and finance. He is not here to work, a couple of months ago transferred to the newly built branch building construction site work. Finance, police told reporters. When you hear the reporter said, go for several days can not be found, is not Guo What's wrong, this police shaking his head urged reporters to get out of the construction site at the Public Security Bureau, a reporter looking Guozeng Xi, a Grandpa is sweeping the scene immediately, said: Do not look, you can not find it. Other staff on site are also familiar Guozeng Xi, old Guo Yeah, no more than 10 days ago to come to work, according to one once in the road sector, on condition of anonymity said, Guozeng Xi is not business as usual at work, I like to drink, drunk hooligan is also asked reporters not to reveal his name to the police boldly said, I heard this thing I'm surprised he did not know why, can not believe I'm promise that the this afterwards, Guo I regret. After the incident Guozeng Xi punished yet? Would bear criminal responsibility do? Reporter asked a row. The caller said: This thing is so, Guo also be punished, and then we received 110, Zhenlin police station the police, and later Guo I was 15 days in solitary confinement.16 afternoon, the reporter was looking after a long day to find a Forest City Public Security Bureau, political commissar of the Yangcheng Bin. Do you know Guozeng Xi thing? After the incident police have no right to punish Kuo I? Be held criminally responsible do?Hear a reporter's question, Yang, political commissar of a moment, then turned to standing next to a cadres asked: Guo Zengxi so personal you? I do not know, he threw someone's child?Listen to an interview with reporters that the parties had, Yang, political commissar changed to say to reporters and publicity department, and from the third floor of the office rushed out a towel draped over his shoulders did not even have time to put down, pushed open the floor to write a Publicity Division the door and said a good reception reporters, and then turned away, the reporter had to trot caught up, building on the first floor of the mouth will be about the car stopped Commissar Yang, Can you tell me Guozeng Xi this? For the reporter's repeated inquiries, Young commissar without any answer, the last stop in the office of police under the Young Political Commissar into the car to leave the Forest City Public Security Bureau, I'm sick to Changzhi to see the doctor. reporter asked He has what disease, heart disease and diabetes, Guo said, and serious illness, mental pressure. In repeated questioning by reporters, Guozeng Xi said: Speaking of things I'm ashamed.Reporters further verification sources confirmed that infants fell after the incident, Guo Zengxi were actually higher authorities in accordance with the police disciplinary solitary confinement for 15 days. In addition, Guo Shang did not suffer any penalty on the legal sense, is still in Forest City Public Security Bureau to work properly. Text / reporter Lin Hung Legal Evening News