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Dubai is really the prince and princess royal princess prince super niceChiefs have the second son of 17 brothers and sistersMentioned Dubai is likely that most people's first reaction is that it was a land of gold country; mention the royal family, most people would first think of the British royal family. In fact, although the acting style is far less than the British royal family, high-profile, but the new generation of the royal family of Dubai absolute energy and William, Prince Harry fights, one of the best is November 13, 1982 birth of the Crown Prince of Dubai 谢赫哈姆丹 Rashid Al Maktoum Crown Prince of Dubai Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum's second son, February 1, 2008 was established as Crown Prince of Dubai. Hamdan, a total of 17 brothers and sisters, there are even a brother. Xie Hena Princess Mother father's cousins, the two married in 1979, Symbiosis has 14 children. Xie Hena Princess living a low-key, with few public appearances, her children all have a first-class a good appearance, handsome son, compelling, daughter Ruhuasiyu. 10-year-old Salama princess and eight-year-old Sarah princess facial America to almost like a painting. British and American media are more familiar with the two Dubai Princess, Princess Haya of Jordan. Haya gave birth to a woman and her husband regularly attend public occasions. Dubai is a living metal fable: neo-liberal globalized world may eventually collapse, as the dust of history would have been in the Middle East in Dubai Shangri-La, is a commemoration of the Arab companies and the perfect combination of Western capitalism dazzling monument. However, with the advent of economic crisis, the rise of this flat desert land from the city, an ugly but not touching story had come out the right Dubai Crown Prince Mohammed has supreme authority of the ruler overlooking huge beaming smile is his own creation. Almost half of the buildings in Dubai can be seen hanging Crown Prince Mohammed figure, he mixed in a more well-known corporate logo Ronald McDonald and Colonel Sanders KFC them. It is this will to fight in Dubai Arabian Nights in the charming city of Arabia, dust storms ravaged the Middle East, Shangri-La, and to sell the image of the world. His video filled with Dubai like that like Manhattan cityscape, his smile filled the rows of glass pyramids and hotels like the coins pile up over. It was not, he was standing in the world's tallest building, this building looks like an elongated metal nails, other than humans ever to poke the buildings are more far-reaching, but the sky has a smile Crown Prince Mohammed disturbed. Dubai's urban landscape ubiquitous cranes have paused, as if time froze like. Numerous outstanding construction seems to have been discarded. In the most pomp of new buildingsWearing blue overalls uniform construction workers are building a new tower in Dubai upper part of the back is unique among her story consistent Buer Jie speaks haltingly, said more than 4 hours. She had the kind of humor and a warm tone from time to time will show it. Karen from Canada, her husband was a well-known international companies in senior positions Karen's husband Daniel bought two listings a doctor told him that he would survive for one year. Another said that the brain tumor is benign, he'll be fine. Ominously increasing their debtThey were driven out in the residence of the day, Daniel was arrested and taken away. 6 days later, Karen can only speak with DanielThere are a couple of weeks, Karen tried to help her friends, her voice gradually lower inaudible Daniel sentenced to six months' imprisonment. Daniel did not understand that the trial judge only in Arabic, there is no translation. Karen's eyes wandered away from me, she asked if I could buy her a meal, almost embarrassed to let people begging her not move Karen's experience is not the case. The whole of Dubai, a large number of foreigners who secretly bankrupt hiding in the sand dunes, the airport or in their cars 30 years ago, almost all of contemporary Dubai is a desert, but cacti, tumbleweed and scorpions here alive. However, in a metal and glass Dubai downtown underground, buried traces of the old town. In Dubai Museum This fortress built in the sand heap, the story of a clean history of the Dubai fortune mid-eighteenth century, the Persian Gulf lowlands built a small village, the villagers against the sea pearl diving to find a living. Soon, hoping to get rich from Persia, the Indian subcontinent, and other Arab countries flocked here to rapid population growth, the formation of urban scale. An alien who were rampant in local locust (daba) named here. The town will soon be big guns of the British Empire conquered the British ruled the land with an iron hand until 1971. England let go after Dubai decided jointly with the surrounding six small states, the establishment of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) British withdrew, Dubai also Pibi unbearable, at this time, oil was discovered. Prince who suddenly mastered oil, but found himself a dilemma. Most of them are illiterate nomads, Gobi camel generations to deal with, there is now such a vat of gold, how to do it?Belong to the United Arab Emirates and neighboring Abu Dhabi compared to Dubai's oil reserves is not huge. Therefore, the Maktoum Crown Prince of Dubai decided to use revenues to build a sustainable local. Israel can boast of his desert was covered with flowers. Maktoum, Crown Prince decided to make the desert flourish. He wanted to build a tourism and financial services as the center of the city, around the world to attract capital and talent. His tax-free way to welcome all who come here. Sure enough, millions of people followed, far more than the number of local residents, local people now account for only five per cent of Dubai's population. In just 30 years time, a full and complete, but also the expansion of the city seem god-sent. Dubai to complete a generation from the 18th century to the 21st century, the rapid change but this is a lie. Prince did not build this city. Dubai is built by slaves. They are now building workers who leave the camp, I came to Dubai stands almost all roads streets are paved in marble style shopping mall, only to find themselves at a loss, dizziness. Dubai is so hot, there is no need to build sidewalks. People are gathered in these halls of consumerism, where to enjoy a comfortable air-conditioned. I said goodbye to Sa black Carolina, take a taxi in less than 10 minutes, had exposure to HarveyIn Dubai's shopping plaza where time seems to stand still. Here lights as bright as day, the ground equally bright brilliance, people do not know what Jinxi evening. Here selling brand and sell my own country exactly the same. In these shopping malls, Dubai is its pronunciation: must buy. In those most luxurious shopping mall, I always're alone, but no other customers. Shops are empty, whisper-quiet. If I were formally interviewed, the clerk who will say that doing business as usual. But when chatting in private, they are all panic-stricken. In a hat shop, exquisite top hat each with a price of £ 1000 I was hanging around here for 17-year-old Dutch girl chatted, she wore shorts, men covet the surrounding scorching gaze does not care.