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Duck King Roast Duck Jianguomen PhoneA star do not want to! Simply pit outsiders! I have a friend here outwardly duck, lose face! First, the color is not right, hair light. Then is a one piece, the horizontal slot, slice the duck pieces! A big ducks, went out one flesh. Leather, is completely leather, this duck baked many years, with a microwave a hot up on the right? Oh. Meat firewood death. A man on a sugar onion sauce, we have a vegetarian, so a retreat, the waiter said it stood to lose you checkout. The results also count the money in the checkout. Cakes, thick skinned with them like, clip duck, is simply a big thick bread roll expired dead duck pieces! ! ! Duck duck soup pot rack do, Nima actually not a piece of meat is washed with MSG white soup pot. . . Than the street just do not like roast duck, just because we ordered the cheapest 128 ducks do? Other dishes completely general, did not in the mood to eat. Nausea was to duck. To remember Wandou quite expensive to do is Tai Chi pattern, is good looking, but I can not eat is to eat Wandou adzuki bean cake! ! ! When ordering the waiter recommended constantly beside egg fish shrimp ah ah what sort of super expensive dishes and drinks, a slaughter foreigners and public appearance, offensive extreme. This restaurant how able to open today? So many people here also say duck delicious! Rely on! ! ! I wish a speedy duck session was shoveling it out! ! !King Roast Duck also set prices, ah now 128 but the taste did not change many people catch the duck meal points generally have to wait more than 40min Duck King patty (38): Sometimes good sometimes almost the furnace do a good job when really super fragrant outside and tender inside ah sour fern root powder (20): Yes Very refreshing not round his house is a wide strip of powdery Mom hospitality dish (32): Some dishes like lobster sauce spicy doll Clay Pot the mouth of the very small farm with rice Pork (36): You can also now are little more meat Hang pepper Claypot yam (38): Taste and mother very entertaining dish almost yam slices crisp fresh garlic black pepper beef (78): This there should be a little western flavor put butter fried garlic are very fragrant incense that is even a little chew individual Rouli Gel Gel ginger chicken casserole (58): Ginger Ginger lot of very strong distinctive flavor chicken tender should also mainly used for sand ginger flavored tune Cheap Duck King pickled fish (18): This is not necessarily a quantity sometimes there is still more to say half-price food were six adults and one child has a total of 452 charges packaged some cutlery 1 yuan / set the store sometimes has free milk drink what activities are not very secure them catch up.