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20 pounds of meat thrown farewell extra padding sectorLandlord to birds, let us talk about the premise of sleep last night to bounce big test it, legs in the air today, busy, and now have a chance to code codeword afraid that if no movement, just like normal diet after diet, the same figure surge, some retired athletes are examples of this point, the landlord would say that professional athletes daily exercise 7-8 hours, their situation is completely different and we ordinary people, exercise intensity is in heaven so these examples are not comparable, it is The landlord does not have to worry too much about the situation is that successful weight loss by the end of March last year, the end of April with her husband Hui Letang country, in the country spent more than 40 days these days, is the landlord mentioned yesterday bounce big test first said in April it From the end of March to the end of April, the landlord's weight remained at 49 50kg, as it has been successful weight loss, so there is no daily exercise to lose weight is one week sports 5-6 days, brunch with a reasonable addition to attention outside is nothing special, but the dinner specially grains, vegetarian diet success, inert dictates, the landlord did not exercise that power one week 5-6 times, so the frequency is changed to one week 2-3 times a ghost girl was trying to learn, the movement as a part of life persevered, Chinese people often go out of the sub-healthy state of mind, if not cherish such a point, maybe just to lose weight successfully, the landlord would not bother to move up As for diet, brunch unchanged, dinner began to abandon the grains and vegetarian, and yes and her husband eat regular meals, calorie counting is no longer a general, is like an ordinary mortal to eat, appetite strangely or eat on the table and especially resent the landlord, the landlord said he was terrified ......So, too, from the end of March to the end of April, the landlord's weight remained at about 50kg, the lightest when 49kg, under one hundred of course, this is not the real test, the real test, in the immediate return of the 40 more days!A perennial mixed in Kangaroo country once they return to what will happen? We know everything is a word - to eat! !Foreign food I will not say anything, absolutely complete explosion of Chinese food of any country, home to eat I do not open the stomach sorry ticket money!Landlord returned a total of seven weeks time, the first two weeks, every landlord opened his eyes took her husband to the streets looking for food, tirelessly shuttle in the streets of Shanghai a day diet a little paste it:  I am a breakfast dividing line1 cake ribs, fried quail 1, dumplings 4, plum juice 1 cupThen go to a friend's house the morning of his chair, snacks creamy drink a cup of Nescafe  I was lunch dividing lineNoon to eat barbecue, has been unable to recall exactly how much to eat, to say about it some string lamb skewers, grilled fish a whole, grilled chicken wings 2, cuttlefish two strings, some vegetables, cola and a tankAfternoon and her husband go shopping, see a home Nuomici cute red beans, then along the two lower belly.