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Dyke rock climbing club buy six foldContact information changes merchant from Monday to Friday 16:00 22:00 14:00 22:00 weekends and holidays, time has changed, please see page applies to business information. If in doubt, please call customer service consulting business buy content changes due to operational changes, the original rules must buy at least 1 day in advance booking is now changed to without an appointment. If in doubt, please call customer service consulting. Inconvenience, sorry!Front suspension Luoxi buy stores are no longer participating in the buy. Using buy coupons yet a member, sustainable consumption coupons to other stores. Inconvenience, sorry! With the public comment network buy coupons can enjoy the following:Dyke rock climbing club single one hour ticket (for only $ 30, $ 50 value)Includes green fees, equipment costs, professional coaching fees Guangzhou Qingtian climbing club experienced climbers by Guangzhou Investment Management, South China University of Technology and Lexi Metro two climbing projects, particularly South China University of Technology, Guangzhou is now the largest artificial climbing places! And in December 2006, Guangdong Province hosted the second session of Climbing Championships and in November 2007 hosted the first session of the Guangdong Provincial Sports Conference climbing race. Whole rock climbing wall are built in accordance with international standards, into rock climbing area, the difficulty Road speed Road, 15 meters high; All currently the most advanced simulation organic slab construction. There are straight wall, slope, eaves, angle and other various forms, rich rock point, suitable for both first time climbing friends, and this tour with a professional climbing instructor leader, as long as you dare to try, we'll let you easily experience thrilling and exciting outdoor rock climbing.