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Figure 7 Dynamic Performance Testing Hengping five compact car models[Car home models PK] car home Hengping is back! This brings you a 7 sedan compact car transverse joint appraisal, which contains static evaluation and dynamic evaluation and post-maintenance of three parts. Old car home users may also remember that we have done two years ago a 10 Jointly compact car Hengping (click to read), then what is the significance Hengping it? One important reason is the Hengping joined the recent listing of several hot models, through the form of hengping better show their strength, while the selection of all of the participating vehicles sedan, more targeted, For the future we will be doing a separate lateral hatchback version competitions.Hengping consists of six articles, which are divided into static part of the appearance, workmanship, space and comfort of four; while the dynamic part of the performance testing and integration testing fuel consumption in the article, the full weight; final Maintenance articles will involve seven car maintenance shop prices and quick repair shop maintenance price comparison, the same is worth the wait.Joint sedan compact car models model configuration Hengping official guide (million) Ford Focus sedan 2.0AT Ultimate 16.99 Volkswagen Jetta 1.4T Auto Luxury 16.78 Universal Chevrolet Cruze 1.8SX AT15.32 Buick Hideo GT 1.8 automatic fashion leather version 16.53 Dongfeng Honda Civic 2.0 Automatic TYPE S17.58 Dongfeng Citroen Sega 2.0 Auto goods 14.78 Yu Dongfeng Peugeot Peugeot 4082.0L type automatic GLS 16.99 clarify a few questions:1 Why is this seven car?We Hengping theme is a joint venture brand compact sedan, select this level there are two reasons, one of which is a joint venture compact sedan on the market today is still the most mainstream products, and at this level this year, indeed listed several highly popular product. So we borrow the car is to ensure that the principles of several popular cars on the basis of all eligible, then those concerns as much as possible to get a higher degree models.In fact, we do organize a hengping and junior high school reunion almost, our intention is to enable all students can attend, but everyone has their own life and arrangements, so everyone wants to one day unify almost impossible task . Test vehicle is the same reason, they run around in the hands of a variety of media and want them to get together and stay for three days even more difficult.Well, this attention is how to define it? We will follow the car home site of the compact car models ranked channels to consider the degree of concern by car (you can see). Including golf, Tiida hatchback and other reasons because it is not taken into account; Sunny, Sylphy, etc. are faced with updating temporarily abandoned; Yat move, the Great Wall C50 and other vehicles belonging to its own brand in the future there will be a separate evaluation. Do not borrow to meet the requirements of the models include the Mazda 3 star Cheng, Toyota Corolla, Mitsubishi wing God, Skoda Octavia etc., can also be regarded as this Hengping a small regret it.New Dingjie Shao HengpingCompared to two years ago that our joint venture compact car Hengping, Hengping recently added three models listed and highly popular models, they are the new Focus, the new Jetta and the new Civic, let we simply look at these three models and see how they all have the characteristics.Click to read Click to read tests listed news articlesAs the current concern about the first compact car models, the new Fox naturally has its attractions, in good shape to keep the previous generation Focus dynamic, excellent driving control, based on the new Focus has been criticized in the power system as well as interior work have made great progress, which also makes it more comprehensive on the market today one compact car.Of course, there are the new Fox rear space so obvious weaknesses, which will affect its performance in this hengping it? Let us wait and see.Click to read Click to read tests listed news articlesI gave the first evaluation Sagitar car home is the most controversial models, which is both an expression of its high popularity, and also shows some of its actions is indeed provoke outrage. What should maintain their leading position in technological processes, or cater to the majority of consumers best selling cars. On this issue, Volkswagen powder and car buyer does not seem to reach a consensus, Sagitar like the movie Curse of the Golden Flower, The Promise, as in the avalanche of criticism Zhongshan University sold.Sagitar problems are mainly concentrated in two points, one being accused discredited by a few of the torsion beam rear suspension, the second is ignited DSG quality problems. Advantages and disadvantages are very prominent new Jetta, destined to people tangled some.Click to read Click to read tests listed news articlesCompared to the first two newcomers, the same replacement Civic will have less on the popularity of many. Japanese cars collective slump naturally unavoidable problem, and the ninth generation Civic has become less evolved being criticized. Both inside and outside the design or powered hang, it gives the eight-generation semi-feeling.We understand that for those thousands of mainstream venture 1020 compact car, 1.6L displacement is their main sales, we also want to bring this group contest. But the reality is that very few car manufacturers will be provided with low, low-emission test car, so in the end we got basically is the various cars in the top with or sub-top version. Of course, we will try to weaken in hengping generated by the configuration differences, some of the larger projects affected by the configuration for display only and not included in the scoring project.