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Dynasty Warriors 2 Moushoden More details disclosedSince the glorious (KOEI) Company announced will PS2 action game Dynasty Warriors 2 Developing information sheet Dynasty Warriors 2 Moushoden since we have been to introduce the latest information about the game, most recently, the glorious official website has revealed some details about this piece of information, let us look at what the new element will be blood Moushoden In fact it appears that this honor was previously disclosed intelligence chief has been announced The detailed description of several new models and added:First, the Dynasty Warriors 2 Reggie biography guard soldiers into usually guard and Warriors guard in two usually guard in the Warriors mode and FREE Mode in the use of the guard As the number of generals guard troops in the game Wu Xun values ​​obtained in 2 to 8 earth floating. Geigejianyi you that if you use the words Riboud Warriors guard may wish to set as Diao Chan, if you use the words of Guan Yu Warriors guard may wish to set Zhou Cang, if you use the words may wish to Zhuge Liang Warriors guard set for the week of metaphor ......Of course, like its predecessor, players in the new work, where you can also be obtained in each mode where the highest scores on the website landing to honor other players around the world race three, the original generals only 4 models each weapon in the new work will there will be a fifth weapon! The following is the fifth Diao Chan weapon dazzling jade hammer!Fourth, each debut new work forces will be free to fight in every stage debut in the difficulty level will be increased to 5 - from Novice difficulty to the strongest difficulty!Fifth, the items will be substantially increased from the original 25 kinds 40 kinds, because even though the game is the same article, each occurrence when its value can be slightly different, so in order to get the strongest materials and repeated games The fun will be greatly increased. The following is the debut of the new article Emperor Hand Gang, equipped with it later, riding the game when you can break open any enemy (including the powerful enemy will), I ask you not afraid!Six, new Riboud, Diao Chan, Meng Huo, Zhu Rong, Zhang Jiao, Dong Zhuo, Yuan Shao seven unparalleled mode;Seven, the most important point: the players before the generals ability to practice hard and play out the value of the equipment in the new work can continue to be preserved.