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Dynasty Warriors 4 props Raiders Daquan take lawGlad we came here, this paper shows Dynasty Warriors 4 props Raiders content, which specifically includes props take the law and the Raiders, every step is accompanied by maps guidelines Oh, you want to quickly get the props Come and studies about it hereDynasty Warriors 4 props Raiders are as follows: Process: a start south, kill Carl and troops sealed the two strongholds, and then go on SUN Shao cut or let him hit you and then kill him bloody. Liu Chan will then go out of the city FT, ignore him, anyway FT where, he told where to go, when necessary, let him give you a hand. There will be a volunteer soldier, Ma Chao will go to rescue them, get rid of the Volunteer Rescue Jiang Qin success, with Ma Chaojun go kill Zhou Tai, a former stronghold troops awakened India can be utilized. Kill him back after the city where the city will appear near Simon valuables. If this time is compromised Eight Diagrams, Canning appeared before that can recharge at the East Gate stronghold there to play Canning and Huang Gai. Play inside the stronghold, the system will automatically help you blood, basically do not worry about death. Kill them to go after the North Gate to play Lu Xun. Here the enemy will be more, accidentally creating chaos killed. Get rid of him straight after the upper left corner, the contact Quan army, he will disappear, and then appear in the lower left corner, you can go kill him pass weapons to start difficult, difficulty is how to cross the border. Enemy attack high, it is recommended to turn out to be almost get another helping the defense weapon levels: BaidichengRequirements: his own blood after the start of the fee to be worried about the yellow star Liu Shan Cai's safety fee to the red color of blood after the start of the movement to Star Liu Shan active past events will be defined with its militia into the city after the war immediately after the last rescue to be Ma Chao righteous militia retreated successfully valuables foundImportant: The best way to help the Sun Ma Chao Shao-jun Ma Chao was later cleared in order to rush to the rescue righteous militiaMethods: Attention!! This off an enemy attack is high, we pay attention to the color of the defense force and thought out, take it, is not recommended equipment back water talisman. The first is to trigger Liu Shan distressed wife and marching events. Just let out blood-red color, moribund dialogue will appear Liu Shan's plot, but the star color into reinforcements. Then Leder find Liu Chan, the story will happen to the dialogue, then sent back to escort Liu Shan Baidicheng. Volunteers then went out of the city there and Ma Chao confluence overthrow the enemy will rescue volunteer success, there will be found in the report valuables Zhao: Ho gentianHurdles: Chengdu Shu Army BattleConditions: kill Liu Luo city through repression lieutenant, kill the two gatekeepers Northwest gate lengthProcess: copper mine after the start of break open the door, entered the city after the break fee concept Luo Deng Yin and Liu followed, Luo city repression. Then cut the Northwest door long after the two gatekeepers valuables in the city center and the north gate of the overall difficulty of this off between low, half-full can easily start crossing Zhao: Battle of Chengdu Requirements: Liu quickly break through and his three lieutenants system pressure Luo city break right back after Simon opened HuaiGuan Yu: Dragon Moon SwordHurdles: Battle Shujun FanchengConditions: seize the middle of the base, get rid of the water before the attack Yue Jin and cattle goldProcess: after the start of the stronghold of the right to the closure of up to kill cattle after gold and Yue Jin. After a few minutes the water meter success, valuables appear in the top right corner of the front roof Cho. Or go kill cattle gold Yue Jin stronghold can go back to win, so Liaohua certainly not dead, not sure of the water meter before Liaohua death will not affect Weapons Weapon conditions difficult, difficulty is how to cross the border. Pond and water after attack Xu Huang are vindictive generals. Other recommended to play before the first enemy they will clear up again with Guan Ping a one hit. After setting up the bridge do not rush across the bridge, or in Cho did not die before it all off has Fangyou Jun, a man of the whole group Wu very troublesome. Talk with other friendly forces killed up to Wu. Soldier will fall 10 Indian Warriors and awareness, it is easy to play. Clear Wu then pick up weapons and kill Cao Ren on clearance levels: Battle Fancheng requirements: fast break into the cattle to protect the lives of King Yue Guan Ping to complete water meter water meter after the success of valuables foundPoints: one at the beginning went Guan Ping Niu Jin Yue Jin will be cut over the road to break (if the ban to run here at best break) after the water meter will prompt automatically appears after the event occurred valuables prompt