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Dynasty Warriors 4 weapons to take FranceLevel within five minutes after the start of the Luo city three gates are open, and knocked Liu followed, repression Luo Guan City Dragon Moon Sword Battle FanchengIn the water dragon Fancheng? Swallow? Before the incident, by the players (Kanu) and cattle down music into gold, and then wait for the water dragon Fancheng? Swallow? Events to (map left waterwheel room peaceful garrison soldiers long relationship, you must survive to level four minutes after the start)Zhang Yi Mao Nagasaka breaking the military battleEmployed in the text, Xiahou Dun, Jaap En breakthrough Nagasaka any person before the bridge by the player (Fei) they will all be down Zhuge Liang Suzaku lupine Tianshui war (Sichuan)Mao and Cui Liang Jaap down, then raised divisive? Policy to alienate? Policy: knock Jaap Jaap Mau Mau Mau liberation Jaap catching tie, tied down Cuiliangcuiliang catch Cuiliang liberation; horse compliance occurs after a period of time? suspect? event will occur after a period of time and then surrounded indication events; After entering Tianshui City in Jiang Wei Yin Chang left to the area around the former will occur after the knockdown True Dragon Sword Liu Bei Battle of YilingBy the player (Liu Bei) knockdown Shangxiang, Canning, Ling Tong, Lu Xun Ma Chaolong battle riding tip tongguanPrior to cross the river in the north of Cao Cao inflict damage to Huang Baneslayer Whirlwind Battle DingjunshanLevel within five minutes after the start, but before the incident occurred in Cao Cao, by the player (Huang) Xiahou Yuan and Zhang He knocked, and then trigger event occurs Cao Cao appears: level after the start time, or to Xiahou Yuan, Zhang He , Yue Jin, Li Dian, Jaap de, Cao Zhen, Guo Huai Jiang Vian all down after the Battle of Long Jaw flash Tianshui (Wei)In compliance with the horse fled after the incident, fled down Gao Xiang Ma Compliance: In pseudo Jiang Wei appeared and survive for some time, before the general attack Wei, was knocked out two more doors around the city in Tianshui soldiers long; or Jaap Mau , Cui Liang, Cao Zhen, Wang Lang, Liang Xu Wei Yan was knocked out after the Battle of bipolar Star Destroyer ChencangTen minutes after the start of the level, so that the front of the city's defenders to stop weapons effects (knock down the city is located south and southwest of the garrison of four soldiers long to)Pang Tong Hao Aeolus stick pacification war YugoslaviaElimination of the map at the top of the enemy stronghold after Wu Tugu alive when Shujun Renyi Wu will enter the map on the left is busy in that area where the long teeth, triggering vine hoplite? Suffered a short time after the incident, the work force will be long, then in the work force longer alive in the lake down Wu Tugu month, the British Battle of Wu Zhang CangDeng Ai within three minutes after the debut, by the player (Month English) knockout stage Deng Ai Deng Ai: Number of players into the top of the map down to the second row of the three base areas, or friendly forces into the second row to third base the area between the base row after Guan Ping knife Chibi Dragon heaven fled warBy the player (Guan Ping) knockout Xiahou Dun, Zhang Liao, Xiahou Yuan, Cao Ren, Cao, Cao Zhang, Jia Xu, Xun Yu.