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Dynasty Warriors 6 Full Weapons use the experienceTV version of the game Raiders, PC can be used as reference one of the most basic weapons, full adaptive effect is jumping canceled. General scope of the attack, weapon attack range increased installing a print effect will be very significant. There are three kinds of ice cut inflammatory properties to choose from, although Heavenly Sword can be equipped with five prints, but inflammation attribute comparison tragedy, chopped attribute days Duandao is relatively benevolent choice C1: attack range is very small, but the shot faster, Pu attack (see other defense)> immediately jump cancel out the air Pugong> ground after C1, the other basically no chance of being shot break defense. However, because of anti-C3 also brought collapse effect, so unless you cling to the ground combos hands, or you can ignore the existence of C1 C2: to derive air chase. The chase is derived with the property, then you can take the air Warriors. If you do not even play out the last two under direct attack, they would attribute is a pseudo-even, even play depends on whether you are pursuing HIT number or the pursuit of speed kill, anyway, what with the collapse of the last anti-effect, singled casual abuse. Even hit the keys do not need mad, just double-click on the C Pugong quickly after the attack button can all be typed up. Soldiers then used to sweep some lack of range, but can be printed to cover C4: shot slower, pseudo-even, mainly for vertical sweep soldiers, especially a bunch of enemies to you when you ran. You can also cancel moves after the jump, the use of shock waves to open access to enemy positions C5: same pseudo-even, but the attack range of small and closing strokes stiff long, basically can not find uses a trick C6: still a pseudo-even, although the attack range relatively large, but Pugong fifth under the very narrow scope of the attack, tasteless dash attack: what Hengkan seemingly ordinary, in fact, hit after the other will have a greater direct hit hard, hit the front can connect immediately with Pugong Variable Attack: Range floating effect, shot slower, only in C1 or dash attack hit hard straight away to have a big time with it than even the workers even pseudo paragraph 1: C3> C3Even workers paragraph 2: the other floating> Pugong 5 Next> step forward> Pugong 5 Next> infinite loopEven workers paragraph 3 (attack range should be large enough): C3> C3> jump cancel> Fast forward to spacetime Pugong> step forward C3> jump cancel> unlimited loopEX: 360 degrees of inflammatory properties of blown attack, range and power are Yes, if the weapon is not what attributes output, it can be used to answer it even segment increased damage when the weapon stats output is high, the role of this move on the left side of the break up surrounded by his enemies. Moves immediately after the best jumping action to cancel the closing strokes dedicated connection section 1: the other floating> C2 derived chase> Air Warriors> Warriors groundDedicated connection section 2: C3 even hit the first paragraph attribute attack came out steepest jump cancel> Air Warriors> C1> C3>.Dedicated connection section 3 (attack range should be large enough): C3> EX> jump cancel> air Pugong (jumping up on the way out)> the first two steps to continue to walk even EX: ice properties arrows, in fact, looks very dense HIT was limited, but the success rate is pricey frozen, basically even sections dedicated. Usually I use the words before you can put into battle, then jump cancel, where the arrow should fall on people to go, but the attack is actually not a long duration.Dedicated connection section 1: C1> EX> Frozen success saw the steepest jump cancel aerial Pugong> ground C3> jump cancel steepest aerial Pugong> ground C1> EX> Repeat the previous steps until frozen failed