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Dynasty Warriors 6 Zhao ultimate weapon Thang Long day gun Raiders take lawWeapon Diao Chan Wu research Valkyrie bird Counterpair Ultimate Dragon Moon Sword Walking path first to tell my friends that definitely enough time to follow this route, videos of various base situation, all kinds of waste of time, but still just good enough, played so Multi-pass when the best time to Zhuge did not hang, so the time is not a problem there are a few caveats:1, the beginning must clear two positions to ensure month, the British appear, then go 2 speed road from this point there is a reference forum post which said, be sure to wait to kill Deng Ai bell will appear and when you came to the rescue, thus ensuring bell will not run down, you can save a lot of time 3. try to lead to several generals beaten together, improve efficiency I think many follow this route, then the generals can successfully get it recorded a video game led to some cards, affecting play, But this is not the point, and finally I wish you good luck, and not the gun above and then tangle PS: Zhen Warriors 2 queen your time is really long Dynasty Warriors 6 Zhao ultimate weapon gun video Raiders Thang Long daysMore Dynasty Warriors 6 content, please Baidu search 07073 Dynasty Warriors 6 Box!