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Easy car network channels Hubei traffic violation inquiriesHubei traffic violation query refers to motor vehicles, non-motor vehicle drivers and pedestrians, in violation of the Road Traffic Safety Law and traffic management behavior, Hubei query is query traffic violations such violations of all vehicles, pedestrians violating traffic management rules institutions and agencies, organizations, businesses, schools and other organizations or individuals without the approval of the public security organs set up their stalls at will occupy the road, parked vehicles, heap objects work, scaffolding building houses, as well as trade fairs and other activities interfere with traffic , are traffic violations. Penalties for traffic violations after warnings and fines (seizure of vehicles), temporarily driving license, driver's license revoked, canceled driver's license, administrative detention, constitutes a crime shall be investigated for criminal responsibility, and when you did not timely after illegal check that violations, there may be times when the same violations, but a scoring cycle (one year) is 12 points, you have exceeded scores, after paying the fines and late fees integrals are not automatically eliminated, but also to the motor vehicle driver license issued to the public security organs or the illegal traffic management department received a seven-day road traffic safety laws, regulations and relevant knowledge education. Education, the vehicle management station should be within 20 days a test subject. In order to eliminate credit, will bring you a lot of inconvenience, of course maybe in a motor vehicle drivers scoring cycle does not reach 12 points, and if the fines have been paid, the points will be removed; scorecard reach 12 points, but there are unpaid fines, scoring points into the next cycle.