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Lu Yu and Li Yong ambiguous dance audience chanted togetherLOS ANGELES China's first competitive reality show scripting language column super orator (watch), since its launch in Anhui TV has been a continuous four provincial TV program ratings winner among the evening, show new forms, concern. But on Thursday (the 29th) 9:40, super orator will continue to usher in the fifth program, but also the preliminary stage of the final game, four instructors for its own quota of six students, staged mentor mad rush of people ending war. In this program, Li Yong is a whim, hugging the side of the Lu Yu dance together, they are very ambiguous call, the audience shouted: TogetherIn this program, ushered in a particular player, he is due to play a Chuishi Ban Story warrior small yellow and fame glistening, he stage, they consider themselves superior memory of Lu Yu is instantly recognizable, and exclaimed: You is the story of the warrior Chuishi Ban small yellow do? , and has been a minor celebrity, and why he came to orator stage it? His appearance also makes tutor Lu Yu and the audience was shocked, but his last speech content to give us a lot of surprises, impressed the audience.Also that day there is another one television show professional background of the players, a play on tuba blew, causing the audience applause continued. In the elegant music, the Li Yong excitedly up being Roca (microblogging) (Micro Signal: lejiafpa) encouraged to jump one. And like bickering with Roca Li Yong outdone responded: jump on the jump, afraid ah, but I want to invite a female companion, Li Yong finished, pull up beside Lu Yu, went to center stage , live dance couples dance, they dance very ambiguous, petite Lu Yu innocent girl in Li Yong embrace the next dance, but also dance a kind of mold, very understanding and calls, two people impromptu Duets also led the audience applause, and even many of the audience shouted: together, together. From the first phase has been exposes crush Date with Lu's Roca, see Li Yong and Lu Yu pas de deux, it is full of jealousy, but they did not think that this is now a ambiguous Dance was actually contribute to their own . Some people with Chinese renminbi really sorry people answer indicates.Han exposes three year old daughter photograph User: where to go fast on the 11th to participate dad, the latest one, Southern Entertainment Weekly daughter Han Han Ono exposed photograph.